Archer Irby

New York City Chiropractor Dr. Archer Irby

Dr. Archer Irby is a board-certified chiropractor with specialized training in New York state worker’s compensation and further certification in the sacral occipital technique. He also holds certification in manipulation under anesthesia, electromyography, and nerve conduction velocity testing. Dr. Archer Irby has owned and operated Archer Lewis Chiropractic (doing business as CityDC) since 2017. His responsibilities with this Brooklyn, New York-based chiropractic office range from physical examinations and adjustments to charting long-term care plans and recommending daily life changes.

Before assuming his leadership role with CityDC, Dr. Archer Irby spent a decade as a doctor of chiropractic with Irby Spine Care & Physical Therapy in Englewood, New Jersey. He has also practiced through Jouen Chiropractic Care in Brooklyn and Compass Chiropractic in Manhattan. Dr. Irby currently lives in Brooklyn, where he loves spending time with his family. His other favorite pastimes include golfing, cycling, meditating, and playing chess.


Archer Irby
Brooklyn, NY US